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Club Pro Shop

Why Your Badminton Club should have it’s Own Online Pro Shop!

Benefits to your club:

  • Your club earns a 20% commission on sales at your Online Pro Shop
  • Your Members save money on every purchase.
  • The club does not need to stock any products. Badminton Direct is stocking the products for your Club.
  • Your Club may stock grips, shuttles and other products if they wish to stock these items for immediate service to members on club play nights.
  • You don’t need to have a physical location for a pro shop.
  • You don’t need to pay staff to operate the pro shop.
  • You don’t have to pay any rents or leases for space, ... Everything is done online!
  • There are no hosting fees, or hidden fees for your web site. There is a $50 charge for the initial creation of your website and an annual $25 maintenance fee that is deducted from commissions.
  • You do not need to collect or process any sales taxes.
  • You do not need to process any credit cards.
  • Your Online Pro Shop sells more than 1 brand. It will sell 4 World leading brands. Your members will have great selection of badminton rackets, shuttles, clothing, footwear and accessories.
  • You have no inventory to sell off at the end of the season. In fact your club still earns a commission on any end of line product sales.
  • Badminton Direct sets up all payment processes and security and ensures a secure environment for credit card payment. Your club does not need to process any of the payments for purchases from your Online Pro Shop.
  • Badminton Direct will provide friendly, badminton knowledgeable customer service to process, orders, returns, exchanges and questions for your members. Your club management team does not have to deal with any of these business processes for your members.
  • When your club has an Online Pro Shop the club can take advantage of our sponsorship offers for administrators/players/coaches and tournaments.
  • Your Online Pro Shop will be selling to your members below MSRP. And the Club has an option to select the “Discount” sell price for members.
  • Badminton Direct offers your members a discount thru your club Online Pro Shop and, therefore, your club gets the commission benefit. It’s a win-win for the Club and your members!
  • Unlike other e-tailers offering coupons to your member to lure your member to purchase elsewhere, your Online Pro Shop keeps your members personal data, not a 3rd party e-tailer! Should your club decide to close its Online Pro Shop Badminton Direct will delete the contact information for your members. We do not send emails to your members if they are not on your Pro Shop directory.
  • When Badminton Direct offers products on sale your Online Pro Shop automatically has the products on sale as well.

How does my club get their Pro Shop?

Simply have the directors of your club assign a club representative as the Pro Shop administrator and complete the;

Click Here to Access the Club Pro Shop Application form

The initial set up cost for your Online Pro Shop is only $50 and the annual renewal maintenance fee is $25.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can any member of the club have a Pro Shop?

No. A club may only have 1 Pro Shop and the Directors of the Club will select who is responsible for their Club’s Online Pro Shop.

Do feather shuttles earn a full commission?

Sorry no. Feather shuttles are a commodity. A flat rate commission applies to feather shuttles. It is the only product that does have a reduced commission.

Does stringing qualify for a commission?

Yes it does when Badminton Direct strings the racket!

Are any shipping specials available and do the specials apply to all Online Pro Shops?

Yes there are shipping specials available. Check frequently on your Club Online Pro Shop to see what current promotions are being offered. Feather shuttles are exempt from the shipping specials.

Are the products covered under warranty?

Yes there is warranty coverage.  Different brands and products have different warranty coverage. Please review Warranty Coverage under the Terms and Conditions tab.

My club has 200 members. Can it earn a larger commission?

       All clubs earn the same commission rate of 20% on all products except feather shuttles.  Clubs over 90 members receive more sponsorship support from Badminton Direct.

Can my club offer sales to members.

       Badminton Direct and the Pro Shops offer sales promotions throughout the year.  Please visit the site regularly and click on the Promotion tab to view the special offers at your Club Pro Shop


Is there a demo store that I can view

You may view live actual Pro Shop by clicking on the club logos at the bottom of the left Menu bar.


Please email us at if you have additional questions.

Things to Know!

  • Commissions earned will be paid once annually, at the end of the year for Online Pro Shops
  • There is an annual maintenance fee of $25 that will be deducted from commission payments prior to the start of the next season.
  • Feather shuttles do not earn a commission. They earn a flat rate.
  • Commission payments will be made to the Club.

Be one of the first 50 clubs to sign up for your Pro Shop and save the $50 set up fee!